Ministry of Culture and Innovation

The decade-long joint work of the members of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra has created certain characteristics unique to the ensemble and the orchestra strives to maintain this standard on both national and international podiums.

The efforts of the orchestra are also supported by the Government of Hungary as stated in Decree 1292/2019 (17 May). The state funding is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract with the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.


In 2012, the Council of District XIII of Budapest signed a five-year public service contract in order to enrich the cultural life of the people living in the district and provide the students of the district with the experience of classical music. Based on the succesful cooperation, the contract was renewed for another five years in 2017.

The exemplary cooperation focuses on the work with the disctrict schools: the special music classes are awaited by students and teachers as well. Throughout the years, it became a tradition for the orchestra to take part in the Pozsonyi Piknik, the biggest multicultural event of the district. Besides, they perform an advent concert every year. The orchestra has a good relationship with the Annie Fischer Music School, where several orchestra members started their music studies. Retired citizens of the disctrict, together with teachers and students, have the possibility to visit the concerts with discounted tickets.