Medical researcher dr. Veronika Ádám was born in 1949 and obtained her medical degree in 1973 from the Semmelweis University of Medicine. Her research interests include the molecular mechanism of nerve damage processes and their association with certain diseases of the nervous system.

Professor emeritus and Head of Department at the Semmelweis University Institute of Medical Biochemistry (1990-2014) and the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and Foreign Relations (1996-2000; 2003-2009). Secretary General of the European Society for Neurochemistry (2000-2005), member of the Presidency of the European Society for Neurochemistry (2001-2005) and an editorial member of several international journals. She has worked as a visiting researcher at the New York University as well as the King’s College London. She was accepted as a correspondent of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2001 and became a full member in 2006. Since 2020, she is the Head of the Department of Medical Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her main awards include: Széchenyi Prize (2010), Prima Primissima Prize (2018), honorary citizen of Nagykanizsa (2019), Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (2021).

She is the author of several textbooks from which medical students learn, while she has also published works of fiction. Music constitutes an integral part of her life, although her childhood piano studies have ceased, she has sung in a choir and she is an avid concert goer both at home and abroad.