New concept for the artistic management of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra


The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra has long been a major and key actor on the national and international music scene. Performing in the most important concert halls of the world year after year, the ensemble is recognised as one of the most outstanding representatives of the chamber music genre worldwide thanks to their high precision, versatility in the genre, and outstanding sensitivity. In the future, the orchestra will ensure high-quality musical experiences for their national and international audiences under the artistic guidance of the internationally well-known cello artist, István Várdai. Strategic plans for the future were outlined as follows:


Judit Körmendy-Ékes, President of the Board of Trustees of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Foundation, said about this year’s strategic and artistic developments: A new chapter has begun in the life of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. The fact that the ensemble has secured its place in the international music elite for decades cannot be considered as a given, we must keep striving for excellence on a daily basis by creating opportunities for seamless artistic work and development. We consider it a great opportunity to enter into partnership with the HarrisonParrott international classical music agency, a prominent representative of the classical music industry, this year. The mission of the Foundation is to develop a strategy that will provide for a worthy place for this legendary ensemble. The fact that István Várdai accepted our offer of the position of artistic director of the ensemble, was a huge step. Having him with us is a guarantee, on the one hand, and a great source of inspiration and quality work, on the other.”


(Judit Körmendy-Ékes, István Várdai)


Tuğçe Tez, Representative for London-based HarrisonParrott International Artist and Project Management Agency: “HarrisonParrott, founded in 1969, one of the leading companies in the classical music industry is pleased to further enhance celebrations of the company’s 50th anniversary this season under the leadership of our co-founder and Chief Executive Jasper Parrott by announcing a new partnership with the legendary Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. In supporting the artistic and strategic vision of Istvan Vardai, already much admired nationally and internationally not only as a much celebrated cellist and musician but also as very creative mind, we look forward to engaging ourselves with the further enhancement of the orchestra’s fine reputation at home and abroad by adding value and empowerment to its guest performances, tours and in the media. We look forward to this new collaboration with much enthusiasm and zeal.”


 (István Várdai, Tuğçe Tez, Péter Tfirst)


Concertmaster of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Péter Tfirst’s thoughts about the new artistic management: The orchestra has previously performed with world-renowned soloists such as Svyatoslav Richter, Isaac Stern, Emmanuel Pahud or, more recently, Martha Argerich at the Music Academy. Cooperation with István Várdai is a unique initiative for the ensemble in Hungary and in the region. István Várdai’s career has been accompanied by the ensemble and as a result, there is long-standing, mutual, professional respect for each other’s work. We will now intensify the co-operation, which was limited to individual concerts in the past. The new operating structure created this year, with the support of István Várdai as artistic director, will provide for a high degree of professional security. Not only does his person influence the work of the ensemble as a soloist, István’s complex musicality, holistic approach and world-renowned work also inspire our chamber orchestra artists.”


Artistic director István Várdai said about the task ahead: The artistic leadership of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra gives me an exciting and new perspective. This is an ensemble with a great past, and I have always enjoyed playing with them, because they play at the highest level. It will be a very inspiring and beautiful task to perform with a group of outstanding musicians on the world stage and develop an artistic concept that is internationally outstanding. I was delighted to accept the offer of concertmaster Péter Tfirst and the Orchestra, because I feel that the key to the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra’s and my own artistic development is the same: to create, as Hungarian musicians, music and art programs that give the audience a lasting experience and high cultural value anywhere in the world.


Photos: Gyöngyi Halmai

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