Financial Times

“The advantages of doing without a conductor are impressive in the case of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra… they are an ensemble of players who listen to each other and achieve a rare musical unanimity. … their expressive precision carried across the Albert Hall very well…”


The New York Times

“…with the attention focused so largely on the soloist, the orchestra’s playing tended to be taken for granted. It did everything so well, however, that any string it might have done from its consistent excellence would have been noticed immediately. In the Bartók, where it was on its own, it proved what a unified and coherent ensemble it was… the players worked together as precisely as a string quartet of long standing, making all the minute fluctuations of tempo as one and producing a tone at once warm and homogeneous.”


Melbourne Herald

“In fact I am happy to abandon any attempt at exact comparisons and say that I have never heard a finer string orchestra…”