Social Engagement

The Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra’s School Concerts


Seven years ago the orchestra started a new project: the ensemble has begun to hold concerts in different schools, grammar schools, primary schools and foreign language institutions so that children would get to know the world of classical music, the stringed instruments and the musicians themselves. During the 45-50 minutes concerts, organized as part of the lessons, information about the played pieces, composers, some interesting facts and stories are told by the presenter of Radio Bartók, Szilvia Bencze, or, in her absence, by one of the members of the orchestra.
The aim of the concerts is to familiarize and endear children to classical music. 
Therefore, the repertoire is primarily characterized by popular and “easy” pieces of which there is always one movement that is played by the orchestra. However, these events are not only concert-like performances: with the presentation of the instruments and the stroytelling, we would like to better explore different eras. The orchestra (depending on its engagements) organizes approximately 10 school concerts a year on which around 5,000 children have participated so far. The numerous positive feedback and the fact that the classes offer the events to each other show that children are highly responsive to this kind of direct encounter with classical music.