Children’s Concert Series

In this year’s season, the much-loved children’s concerts that started in the spring of 2016 will be continued. Envisioned by the pianist Izabella Simon the aim of these occasions is to guide the children, with the help of music, literature and visual art, to a magic world where they can be active participants of the stories. On these events, not only the orchestra will play, but the little ones and their parents can also enjoy the complex interconnection of different art forms, such as fairy tale illustrations, painting screenings and the performances of the invited artists. After the concert, the children can participate in arts and crafts workshop.

Children from 3 to 12 years old are all welcome!



Children’s Concert Series

2nd December 2017, 11:00
13th January 2018, 11:00
14th April 2018, 11:00


Organizer and piano solo: Izabella Simon

Ticket price: 1.000 Ft

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